workers’ comp in GA

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What Medical Costs Are Covered By Workers’ Comp In Georgia?

Suffering an on-the-job injury is almost always a devastating experience. Many workers are unable to return to their jobs for …

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How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney Assist with My Case?

We depend on our jobs to make ends meet, so when a workplace accident leaves us seriously injured and unable …

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When Should I Hire A Workers’ Comp Attorney?

We rely on our jobs to make a living, so when a workplace accident happens it can feel like a …

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2019 Legislative Changes to Workers’ Compensation Law in Georgia

In 2019, the Georgia Legislature passed and signed into law multiple major changes to workers’ compensation law in Georgia. Here’s …

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I hurt my back at work and don’t understand what’s wrong with my spine!

If you hurt your back at work, you probably realize how few injuries can have the pervasive effect of a …

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What should I do immediately after getting hurt on the job?

A vlog about how to proceed after a workplace injury.

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