Macon workers’ compensation administrative law judge orders access to Facebook and MySpace pages

If you have a Georgia workers’ compensation claim and use social media, such as MySpace, FaceBook, Foursquare, and the like, please be aware that your status updates, pictures, and check-in locations are likely monitored by investigators, adjusters, and defense attorneys.  Hopefully, by now, most folks realize their internet exclamations aren’t private.

However, even if your updates and posts are set to “friends only,” a workers’ compensation administrative law judge may issue an Order forcing you to give up your personal computer for inspection by the insurance company.  It happened earlier this week in Macon, Georgia.

My Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers‘ office does not knowingly represent claimants who are malingering or being less than honest about the extent of their injuries, but we still let our clients know that creating a perception that their abilities are greater than they truly are after an accident will come back to “bite” them.  So don’t do it.

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