Can I file a repetitive use injury under workers’ comp in GA?

Yes, Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws provide for coverage of such injuries.  We frequently see carpal tunnel injuries from repetitive motion at work, but there are other injuries that can result from this activity, too (we’ve seen it several times with shoulders and knees, for example).  For such cases, workers comp attorneys usually use the last day the injured worker was able to work before having to stop to get surgery as his date of accident when filing the claim.  In face, we signed up such a case today.

In that case, the client was concerned, since his employer told him to use his health insurance and borrow from his 401k instead of using the employer’s workers’ comp insurance, because “it’ll be better for the company.”  Now, the employer is griping about how high his health care insurance will be in 2015, having forced his employee to use it for multiple surgeries that should have been covered by workers’ compensation last year.  He’ll be even more distraught when he receives the hearing request we’re filing today, along with discovery requests and a request to take his deposition.  In the future, perhaps he’ll do the right thing when an employee hurts himself at work and reports it immediately–file an incident report and notify the workers’ comp carrier.

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