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N.Y. court finds rape victim’s settlement subject to subrogation

Last week a New York appellate court ruled that a civil settlement received by a New York rape victim can be subrogated by the workers’ compensation insurer covering her injuries. Subrogation is the practice of substituting one party for another where a claim or right is concerned. As a result of this decision, the victim’s insurer can  … Read more

Study shows that insomnia responsible for costly errors and accidents on the job

It’s well-known that people who suffer insomnia have more health issues overall, but now studies show that they have a higher incidence of accidents and errors on the job. As a result, insomniacs cost employers more in errors and injuries. A team of researchers led by Harvard PhD Ronald C. Kessler found that insomnia was  … Read more

Meningitis outbreak could be of concern to workers with injured backs

It’s not terribly uncommon for workers with back injuries to receive steroid injections for relief as part of their treatment under their workers’ compensation benefits. What is uncommon is workers getting sick and even dying as a result of being given these injections. In an alarming turn, that’s what’s occurring in several states. Five people  … Read more

New WCRI study shows some services underutilized by workers’ comp doctors

According to the just-released results of a study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, nearly one in twelve workers injured on the job and given narcotics are still on them three to six months later. The report released on the study, ‘Longer-Term Use of Opioids,’ asserts that this is a result of few doctors following recommended  … Read more

How long will it take my Atlanta injury attorney to handle my car accident case?

Most people who suffer injuries as a result of a Georgia car accident aren’t really familiar with how their case may unfold. A frequent question is, “How long will it take you to handle my case?” Cases can generally be classified into three categories: Class I, Class II, and Class III. According to these classifications,  … Read more

Georgia Supreme Court busts tie in Court of Appeals case

The Georgia Supreme Court recently weighed in on a tied Court of Appeals workers’ compensation case, and their findings could be a game-changer. In Smith v. Ellis, a pair of co-workers for a construction company made arrangements to meet during their workday. They worked at different sites, but planned the meeting so that Ellis could  … Read more

I slipped and fell at my Georgia job. Am I eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

Last month I began writing about some of the various types of workers’ compensation injuries that can occur. Today I’ll discuss slip, trip and fall injuries. The time to address slip, trip, and fall injuries is prior to an incident occurring. Employers have a responsibility to their workers to ensure that the workplace is not conducive to  … Read more