Where can I look for free legal advice or lawyer reviews?

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As a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta, I frequently get calls with questions about how to handle a workers’ compensation case or other case involving an injury in Georgia.  While I’m glad to try and respond to these inquiries either by phone or email, another useful tool for general legal advice that I recommend to lay persons all the time is avvo.com.

Avvo is a great resource for researching attorneys (their expertise, any disciplinary issues, their peer endorsements, and/or their client reviews) or asking legal questions for local attorneys to answer.  While there are always a few lawyers from different states who seem to just be trolling for points on Avvo by giving general advice any time a question is visible to them, for the most part, the responses are from local attorneys who practice in the specific area of law related to the question.  I try to give real advice on the site instead of just imploring them to call an attorney.  That way, if the person wants to proceed pro se (at his/her peril), he’s welcome to do so!

I’d advise anyone interested in seeing legal representation to review potential attorneys on avvo.com before making a decision, or feel free to skip the middle step and just call me, since (as the above graphic indicates) avvo has already given me its badge of approval.



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