updates to disability amounts for injured workers on Georgia workers’ comp payments

Good news (sort of… Georgia is still among the lowest, or THE lowest, for all of these benefits) for those who get hurt at work on July 1, 2022 or after!

Georgia House Bill 1409 became effective on July 1, 2022 and will implement the following changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act:

  • The maximum TTD and PPD rates will increase to $725.00 per week
  • The maximum TPD rate will increase to $483.00 per week
  • The maximum benefit payable to a surviving spouse with no other dependents increases to $290,000.00

Hopefully, one day, Georgia will index its max rates with rising inflation to mirror the average or median annual wage, and then take 2/3 of it, like almost every other state in the U.S. does, but for now, we’ll take increases as our state legislature gives them.

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