The workers’ compensation adjuster just sent me a check for a disability rating. Does this mean my case is settled?

If you’ve been on workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia and/or are treating with a workers’ compensation doctor after your workplace injury, once you reach maximum medical improvement (“MMI”), your doctor may give you a permanent partial disability (“PPD”) rating. This is a percentage based on the American Medical Association (“AMA”) guidelines.

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act provides formulas that give you amounts of compensation due when your doctor gives you a PPD rating, and it’s based on where you were injured and your workers’ compensation rate. OCGA 34-9-263 provides the breakdown.

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If you are paid a PPD rating, it does not mean your case is settled. You can return to work if the doctor so releases you, and you can keep getting medical care from the workers’ compensation insurance company doctors if necessary.


While receiving a lump sum may feel like a settlement, an offer of settlement will include a document that is several pages long called a “stipulation” that will clearly indicate you have resolved your workers’ comp claim.

If you have questions about an offer to settle your workers’ compensation claim in Georgia or about your PPD rating, feel free to call the Atlanta injury attorneys at Moebes Law.

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