Tactics Used by Insurance Companies to Deny and Undervalue Claims

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Workplace accidents happen unexpectedly and can cost you a lot in unforeseen medical expenses and lost wages. Your finances may be placed under severe pressure.

Fortunately, your Georgia employer is required to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place, for companies with 3 employees or more according to Georgia legislation, in the event of a workplace accident. This compensation can help to alleviate some of the financial pressures you may be facing, especially if you aren’t able to return to work for some time while you recover.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can, however, be a complex process as the insurer might search for reasons to dispute your claim to avoid a significant payout. Insurance companies need to ensure that your claim isn’t fraudulent in any way. However, our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys know the insurance companies may also try to undervalue or deny your claim. Insurance groups do this by monitoring your actions and even your social media accounts in the hopes of uncovering details that could derail your claim.

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny or Reduce Compensation

Below are a few tactics that insurance companies may use to try and dispute your workers’ compensation claim:

Misrepresent your recorded statements

After a workplace injury, your employer’s insurance company might call you to get a recorded statement about the accident and how you were injured. They will often do this quite soon after the accident when you may still be disorientated and in shock.

The questions asked by the insurer are often phrased in such a way that your answers can easily be twisted and used out of context to dispute your claim. Their aim is to get you to slip up and make a mistake. It would be best to let your workers’ compensation attorney handle any correspondence with the insurance company to mitigate disputes and protect your claim.

Undermine the severity of your injuries

If you delay seeking medical attention after the workplace accident or you don’t closely follow the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed, the insurance company may argue that your injuries aren’t serious or that you failed in your obligation to minimize damages. This could mean a reduced settlement offer or even the denial of financial compensation.

Place you under surveillance

You may be placed under surveillance by the insurer as they attempt to undermine your injuries and reduce the potential value of your benefits. You might be photographed doing simple activities such as lifting the garbage bag into the bin or picking up your pet. This could be used to argue that you did not mitigate damages and could be used against you to minimize your compensation.

Monitor your social media activity

Insurance companies are likely to monitor your social media accounts during the claims process. They may try to use pictures of you doing any physical activity, check-ins to your favorite coffee shop, or posts you make about the accident to undermine the severity of your injuries and dispute your claim. Insurance companies have dedicated resources and strategies to use social media content to their advantage in workers’ compensation claims cases.

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