Should I engage in nude dancing while receiving workers’ comp disability benefits in Georgia?

As much fun as nude dancing while getting a temporary total disability check from your Georgia workers’ compensation claim may sound, you may be prosecuted for insurance fraud if you’re receiving disability payments and working at the same time. Even if you consider exotic dancing or stripping to be far from “working,” the insurance commissioner is unlikely to agree with you.

And, since workers’ compensation insurance defense attorneys and insurance adjusters are notorious patrons of gentlemen’s clubs, you are likely to get caught. Nobody wants to see the attorney from the deposition last week shoving dollar bills where the sun doesn’t shine tonight. Right? Of course not.

Naked dancing for money while on workers’ comp = bad news. Just ask this lady.

Refraining from nude dancing after a workers’ compensation accident?  Feel free to call my Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers‘ office in Buckhead.

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