Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim May be Denied

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Workplace accidents are, unfortunately, inevitable as we work hard every day to meet deadlines, fulfill orders, and get difficult tasks done. Workers’ compensation policies should be in place at most businesses in Georgia to cover the expenses that arise from unexpected workplace accidents.

These policies act as a financial safety net for workers who are injured on the job or who become ill because of their working conditions. If you are eligible for workers’ compensation, your benefits may cover the cost of hospitalization, your medical expenses, and your lost income if you are unable to work for some time due to your injuries. Workers’ compensation policies are also there to protect employers from the liability of having to personally cover the expenses that may result from workplace injuries.

If your workers’ compensation was denied, contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta who can evaluate your case and help prepare an appeal. Get the benefits you deserve by contacting Moebes Law today.

Why Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

While workers’ compensation covers a wide range of workplace accidents and illnesses, there are a few reasons why your claim may be denied by the insurer:

Missed deadlines

Filing a workers’ compensation claim may be quite a time-sensitive task as insurance companies may impose strict deadlines. Therefore, simply filing your paperwork late or incorrectly could result in your claim being denied.

Delaying notifying your employer of a workplace injury may also cause you to miss the tight deadlines for filing a workers’ compensation claim and you could miss out on your benefits. To avoid your claim being denied for these reasons, be sure to inform your employer immediately if you are injured at work, and consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer who will ensure that all your paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted on time.

Your injury or illness is not work-related

There are a few reasons your injury may be classified as nonwork-related. For example, if your injury was the result of a pre-existing condition, your injury happened during your lunch break, there were no witnesses when the injury occurred, and you did not report it to your employer immediately.

This, again, highlights the importance of reporting your injuries as soon as possible to avoid your injury being disputed as nonwork-related.

Your injuries were due to negligence

If your injuries were due to horseplay at work, were intentional in any way, or were caused because of a break in safety protocol, your claim is likely to be denied. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when carrying out your work to avoid unnecessary injury and your claim being denied.

You were intoxicated at the time of injury

If your employer can prove that you were using alcohol or illegal substances when the workplace accident happened, the insurer will have grounds to deny your claim for compensation. You may also be terminated as many businesses have policies against the possession of alcohol and other substances while at work.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the workplace policies and abide by these rules and regulations.

You did not seek prompt medical care

If you do not seek prompt medical care after an injury, even if you feel your injury isn’t serious, you may jeopardize your claim. Symptoms may be latent and your injury may worsen over time, but without medical records that link your injury to the accident, your claim may be denied.

Medical records act as important evidence when it comes to proving the severity of your injuries and that they were indeed work-related.

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are uncertain if you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, give us a call at Moebes Law. One of our seasoned workers’ compensation lawyers will be happy to assess your case during a free initial consultation in which your attorney will provide you with guidance and legal advice on how to proceed. We will make use of all of our resources to help you to strengthen your claim and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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