My workers’ compensation doctor sucks. Can I get another opinion?

If you’re hurt at work in Georgia, and your employer has a valid panel of physicians, you likely started your medical care with a doctor from that panel. Since these panels are chosen by workers’ compensation insurance companies, however, the treating doctors’ interests may not align with yours, and you may find that you do not agree with, or even like, your doctor.  Do you have options?

Certainly.  You’re allowed a change in physician from the panel of doctors in Georgia.  If you’ve been on workers’ comp disability benefits for several months, you may be able to get an independent medical evaluation (IME) at the workers’ comp insurance company’s expense.  Or, your workers’ compensation lawyer may set up and finance an IME for you.

Whether the insurance company agrees to a change in physicians with you or not, there are options for making a change (your attorney can file a motion if need be).  Certainly, if your doctor is suggesting a treatment you’re not comfortable taking, or if your doctor has released you to a job you know you can’t perform, please explore some of these options for getting another opinion.  We at Moebes Law LLC are certainly willing to assist if need be.

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