Injured on a TV or film shoot in Georgia?

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Now that Georgia ranks just behind New York and California for TV and film shoots, to the tune of $7 Billion annually, we’ve seen an increase in clients who work on both sides of the camera as clients.  One was a driver for “The Walking Dead;” another was a grip on “The Hunger Games;” one more was an actor for a Georgia Lottery commercial, and others have assisted on various television and movie projects throughout the state.

Hopefully, if you find yourself injured while on a shoot in Georgia, your employer (which can sometimes be complicated) and its insurer will provide you with immediate, quality medical care and weekly disability checks (2/3 your average weekly wage, up to a statutory cap) to tide you over while you’re unable to work, but if there are any issues with seeing a doctor quickly, changing doctors, getting a second opinion, getting weekly checks started, etc., please feel free to call us for a free consultation at 404-354-5432.

Even if you’re only here temporarily, if the injury occurred in GA, jurisdiction is likely here, and having an experienced Atlanta attorney to assist with guiding you through your treatment options will be a huge help!  Consultations are free, of course.



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