If I’m attacked at work, can I get workers’ compensation in Georgia?

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Sadly, acts of violence in the workplace are not uncommon, and depending on the circumstances surrounding the attack, injuries sustained because of a coworker’s or customer’s violence can be covered under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.

One of my clients has attracted some local media attention because of the circumstances that precipitated her injury at work in Atlanta. Another investigative reporter discussed the case with my office today, because he’s seen an increase in attacks against women in the last year.  His continuing coverage of this event and this trend will be filmed early next week.

While I don’t have any direct knowledge of this trend, a friend of mine created a blog last year that raises awareness regarding violence against women (and sometimes men) by acquaintances, spouses, and partners that I highly recommend visiting and supporting.  Its URL is violenceunsilenced.com.  I’m not the first person to opine that Maggie may be eligible for sainthood shortly.

If you’ve been injured at work because of a coworker’s or customer’s act of violence, please contact the Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney, Michael Moebes, for questions about compensability and your rights under the law.  As is referenced above, variables such as who the aggressor is, where the attack took place, and whether the attacker and victim had a relationship outside of the work environment can all affect whether the injury arose out of, and in the course of, employment.



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