I just got a letter saying my workers’ compensation benefits will be cut off. Now what?

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Don’t panic just yet. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen several WC-2 filings indicating a client’s workers’ compensation disability benefits were about to be suspended, but the insurance adjuster did something incorrectly, meaning benefits were immediately recommenced (along with some penalties and fees).

For example, if the adjuster filed a WC-240 commanding you to return to light duty work in Florida (and you live in Atlanta), that’s not a reasonable offer, and the insurance company cannot cut off your benefits.

What if your doctor opined that you might be able to do regular duty in 2-3 months, and 2-3 months have passed, but you haven’t seen your doctor in 60 days? They can’t cut off your benefits.

What if you get a WC-2 indicating your benefits were cut off yesterday (meaning you did not get 10 days notice)? They can’t cut off your benefits.

All 3 of these examples I’ve seen this month. Unfortunately, many workers’ compensation adjusters handle hundreds of files in several different states, and they don’t always comply correctly with the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. Mistakes are made. That’s why you need an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney to be your advocate and guide you through your workers’ comp claim as you recover from you injuries.



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