How to Spell the Name of an Outstanding Workers’ Compensation Attorney

I’m frequently asked to spell my name over the telephone with new workers’ compensation clients, opposing attorneys, and insurance adjusters.

Because of my 14-year military background, this question normally leads me into my default method of phonetic spelling:  Mike, Oscar, Echo, Bravo, Echo, Sierra.

However, the letters are often lost on the listener, either from a lack of experience with general aviation or a failure to serve in the armed forces.

blackboard letters.jpgSo, I’ve created a new phonetic alphabet for spelling my last name that’s more befitting my proud profession:

M as in Major Surgery
O as in Occupational Illness
E as in Exemplary Damages
B as in Burns over 25% of the Body
E as in Emotional Distress
S as in Severe Sciatica

Now that you can spell Moebes Law, feel free to refer us to your friends and neighbors who have been injured at work in Georgia.

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