Filing for Workers’ Comp? Avoid these 3 Common Mistakes

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Most mistakes in life can be remedied with a bouquet, box of chocolates, or a carefully worded apology. However, if you were injured at work, your errors, missteps, and oversights won’t be as easily remedied. When you apply for workers’ comp benefits, your employer and its insurer is likely looking for any reason to reduce how much they have to pay out.

As such, from the moment you’re injured, you need to consider each action carefully. In this article, we examine a few common mistakes claimants make while their claims are pending and explain how you can avoid these errors in the weeks ahead.

1. You Didn’t Report the Accident to Your Employer

After a workplace accident, you should inform your employer of your injuries as soon as possible. If your company has specific protocols in place for reporting an on-the-job incident, make sure to follow these steps carefully and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Taking these actions will ensure you have a paper trail of evidence at your disposal, making it easier for you to connect your condition to the accident. Fail to do so, and you might meet resistance from your employer and their insurer. For instance, if you didn’t report the accident until a few weeks later, it may appear as if your injuries aren’t as serious as you are claiming.

2. You Discussed the Accident on Social Media

Hurt, confused, and worried about the weeks to come, you may take to social media looking for guidance and emotional support. However, while family and friends might be able to provide some comfort after this traumatic event, your posts could make it more difficult for you to obtain compensation.

For example, your comments discussing the incident could be taken out of context to make it seem like you are taking responsibility for your injuries. Alternatively, pictures you upload in the aftermath could be used as evidence to dispute the severity of your condition. As such, it’s usually best to deactivate your profiles for the duration of proceedings.

3. You Ignored Your Doctor’s Orders

While you may think your healthcare providers are being overly cautious, you should never deviate from your treatment plan. Signs that you failed to follow through on your doctor’s orders could be used by your employer as evidence to dispute liability. As such, whether you’ve been told to take time off work to let your injuries heal or abstain from physical activity, you should never go against your doctor’s instructions.

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