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The VA gave me a 90% disability rating. Should I pursue 100%?

Veterans should pursue a 100% VA disability rating when they have a strong case and service connection. The VA assigns veterans a disability rating based on the severity of their service-connected condition. The rating is expressed as a percentage, representing how much the disability decreases the veteran’s health and ability to function. VA monthly disability  … Read more

Can You Lose Your VA Disability Benefits?

Wondering if you can lose your VA disability benefits? Generally speaking, disability benefits are available to disabled veterans as long as the veteran remains disabled. However, there are a few situations in which the VA may stop, or reduce, a veteran’s disability benefits. Veterans should be aware of whether the VA is properly withholding or  … Read more

What are VA Disability Benefits?

VA disability benefits are a monthly tax-free payment to veterans. They are paid to veterans who are determined by the VA to be disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service. Veterans disability benefits are available for physical conditions, like a chronic illness or injury, and mental health  … Read more

Most Common VA Disabilities

Veterans often experience certain medical conditions as a result of military service that can cause permanent physical or mental health conditions. Many of these conditions qualify for VA disability pay under Veteran Benefits law. VA disability compensation offers a monthly tax-free payment to veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military. Veterans  … Read more

What is VA Disability Back Pay?

VA disability back pay is the money owed to a veteran from the effective date of their claim to the date they were granted benefits.  The VA uses the term retroactive benefits for back pay. It is a lump sum payment for benefits covering the period from the effective date of the claim until the  … Read more

Is Bladder Cancer a VA Disability?

Bladder cancer is a condition affecting many US veterans. Even though bladder cancer is not included on the list of presumptive disorders, veterans can still win claims for bladder cancer based on Agent Orange and herbicides. Just because a condition isn’t presumptive does not mean that it is impossible to show it was connected to  … Read more

Happy Veterans Day

Our founding partner, Michael Moebes, has had the privilege of serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom three times between 2003 and 2008.  The included pictures were taken during his most recent deployment to Balad, Iraq in 2007-2008. We wish all American veterans a day of peace and gratitude today.

Happy Memorial Day 2013

In honor of those who have given their lives to support and defend the United States Constitution, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and post a paper by Colonel James Moschgat called “10 Things a Janitor Can Teach You About Leadership” referencing Bill Crawford, a WWII Medal of Honor recipient and Air  … Read more

Silent Night

On Christmas in 2007, I was at Balad Air Base in Iraq. I was the Officer in Charge of the Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Team there, which means I was in charge of a bunch of doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and medical administrative personnel who carried wounded warriors on cargo planes in and out of Balad Air  … Read more