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Meningitis outbreak could be of concern to workers with injured backs

It’s not terribly uncommon for workers with back injuries to receive steroid injections for relief as part of their treatment under their workers’ compensation benefits. What is uncommon is workers getting sick and even dying as a result of being given these injections. In an alarming turn, that’s what’s occurring in several states. Five people  … Read more

Georgia Supreme Court busts tie in Court of Appeals case

The Georgia Supreme Court recently weighed in on a tied Court of Appeals workers’ compensation case, and their findings could be a game-changer. In Smith v. Ellis, a pair of co-workers for a construction company made arrangements to meet during their workday. They worked at different sites, but planned the meeting so that Ellis could  … Read more

Google’s “driverless” car is safer and less accident-prone than you are!

Several movies have depicted a driverless car as an everyday convenience that we’ll experience in the future. Remember Johnny Cab from ‘Total Recall’, anyone? Welcome to the future! Wait, you didn’t know that we’re in the future? Well, we are, except this future features no annoying animatronic cabbie. Instead, we can boast a driverless car  … Read more

Chicago workers’ compensation case not so cut and dry for widow seeking restitution

In an interesting case from Illinois, workers’ compensation was found as an exclusive remedy for the widow of a man killed on the job. The term ‘exclusive remedy’ means that any benefits provided under workers’ compensation are the only remedy (or, in simpler language, ‘monetary award’) available to injured employees or, as in this case,  … Read more

South Carolina limits workers’ compensation benefits for law enforcment

The South Carolina Supreme Court may have forgotten one important detail when they handed down recent decision regarding workers’ comp and police officers: When a police officer has to shoot (and possibly kill) a suspect in the line of duty, he is working. When you work, you are supposed to be entitled to workers’ compensation  … Read more

Proposed changes to workers’ compensation insurance for military contractors could save taxpayers a bundle

“There is absolutely no reason American taxpayers should be lining the pockets of private insurance companies.” That’s the opinion of Representative Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat who is seeking change to current laws for the insuring of civilian military contractors working here in the States and abroad. Cummings is the ranking member of the House  … Read more