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Can exotic dancers get workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia?

If an exotic dancer is injured at work, can she get workers’ comp? Dancers in the adult entertainment industry are …

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Let’s not cash a dead person’s workers’ comp checks, ok?

Worried about what happens if a person dies while on workers’ comp? Workers and their loved ones may have concerns …

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Because everyone deserves a holiday

Happy Be Kind to Lawyers Day !  

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When Dealing with Claims Adjusters, Always Read the Fine Print

Here is the story of one man, his company, and a rather unscrupulous claims adjuster. Kevin Miles, the sole owner …

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Injured while driving a truck in Georgia? Let’s talk.

The most common occupation in America is truck driving, so our firm sees a lot of drivers as clients when …

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Moebes Law nominated for “Best Legal Blog” by The Expert Institute!

  Atlanta, GA – The readers have spoken – Moebes Law has been selected to compete in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal …

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Top 5 Settlements with the Biggest Contribution to the Public Interest in 2015

Corporate America and irresponsible government officials put down trial lawyers who are constantly fighting for the deserved rights of their …

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Are there differences in workers’ comp laws between states?

A couple months ago, NPR did an extended investigation and report on the inequities that can come from hurting oneself …

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2014’s top instances of workers’ comp fraud (and a Georgian made it!)

Every year, I enjoy seeing the fruits of North Carolina lawyer Leonard Jernigan, Jr.’s research regarding workers’ comp fraud in …

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Georgia Employer Cited After Worker’s Death

Jack Smiley of Smiley Plaster Co. can attest that ignorance, or the appearance thereof, is not necessarily bliss. In September …

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