Can I get my medical mileage paid while on workers’ compensation in Georgia?

red_cross_sign.jpgIf your Georgia workers’ compensation claim is compensable, your employer and/or its workers’ compensation insurance company will pay for your medical expenses when traveling to authorized medical providers. This can include the following expenses:

  • mileage (currently $.40/mile) to and from the doctor’s office, physical therapist’s office, and pharmacy
  • parking at the medical providers’ offices
  • meal expenses (up to $30/day) when the trip to the doctor takes more than 4 hours
  • lodging and meals when the medical visit is outside your home city.

You have one year to submit your medical expenses related to your treatment; otherwise your right to be reimbursed is waived.  The employer/insurer have 30 days to pay these expenses; otherwise, penalties and interest will accrue.

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