Can an Atlanta accident attorney practice law without a Blackberry? No.

Just as you shouldn’t trust skinny chefs or tee-totaling bar tenders, you should be leery of the attorney who doesn’t have a Blackberry. When a friend of mine was selected as a “Super Lawyer” as I was starting my career at his defense firm several years ago, I asked him what he did to get bestowed such an honor.  His response?  “It’s because I have a Blackberry.”  Naturally, I bought one a few days later.

I’ve since upgraded a couple times, but now I want the latest and greatest, the Tour.  Accordingly, I’m entering a contest held at “Good, Bad, Ugly Reviews” to win one.

And oh yes, since purchasing my first Blackberry, I have received notification of numerous nominations for that Super Lawyer club.  Like I said, only hire an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney who recognizes the value of utilizing technology.

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