If I’m a healthcare professional and hurt my back at work, do I have more say in my medical care?

Several of my clients are nurses, nurse practitioners, or physicians’ assistants. They tend injure their backs while lifting patients: disc bulges, disc protrusions, herniated discs, sciatica, etc. Because they have backgrounds in medicine, they often want to have more control and “say” in how their care is delivered.

If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted by the insurance company, and you are receiving disability benefits, you do have to attend your medical appointments to avoid a motion to suspend your benefits. However, if your doctor is suggesting you have surgery, and you don’t want it, you can certainly get another opinion or opt to wait and instead treat conservatively for longer (using physical therapy, medication, injections, etc.).

Feel free to call my Atlanta law office to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer about your options and recommendations for getting quality medical care while on workers’ comp in Georgia.

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