All Types of Job Injuries

Moebes Law is available to help you no matter what type of injury you have sustained from your job. People may commonly think of workplace injuries as being limited to labor jobs, like a fall off a ladder or an injury with a power tool. This is not the case, and we are here to help you navigate the process of claiming compensation for your injury no matter what the circumstances. You may want to consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, and we are waiting to hear from you. Read more below to learn more about some common types of workplace injuries that you may not have even considered.

Common Types of Job Injuries

  • Physical altercations – While this may not be the first type of injury you think of when considering job site injuries, there are many times that an employee is injured after a fight with another employee. While possibly more avoidable than some other types of injuries, this is, unfortunately, a situation to consider.
  • Machinery – Many, if not all, industries have machinery of one kind or another that many employees use. This machinery could range from a jackhammer to a printer, and while one may be more dangerous than another, the extent of an injury does not consider the machinery it came from.
  • Falling objects – Many job sites have a risk of falling objects, such as a construction site or a warehouse. No matter the location, a falling object can cause serious injury to an employee.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury – More and more employees are suffering from the effects of an RSI as the workforce moves more and more into digital labor. An RSI may result from poor ergonomics such as an ineffective desk chair, an insufficient keyboard layout, or even a hairstylist who does not properly stretch and rotate while using scissors all day. Some effects of an RSI can be carpal tunnel, headaches, eye aches, back pains, or pinched nerves.
  • Muscle injuries – Muscle injuries can occur on any type of job, whether it is a plumber hauling pipe across a new construction area, or an office worker replacing a water jug. No matter how the injury was sustained, there is a threat of serious damage that must be remedied before it causes further issues.
  • Slips or falls – If an employee slips on ice that has built up on a poorly-salted walkway, or on a tile floor covered in water, or trips over a bunched-up carpet, the result can be the same: broken bones, strains, sprains, lacerations, and more. 
  • Crashes – If operating a motor vehicle is part of a job, then the threat of a crash or collision is always there. This could be a fork truck in a warehouse, a delivery truck transporting parcels, or a courier taking a package from one location to another.

Can Moebes Law Help Me With My Injury?

No matter how or why you were injured at work, our attorneys are here to help with personal injury laws in Atlanta. We have extensive experience with workers compensation claims, counseling through disputes with employers following injuries, as well as building personal injury lawsuits if there are third parties who were involved and at fault. Your injury is serious, and it is important to us that you recover the damages you are rightfully owed for your accident.

Submit the specifics of your injury on our website below, and a lawyer will be in touch with you to discuss your next steps. Additionally, you may schedule a free consultation to speak one-on-one with an attorney to understand your situation and determine how you will proceed. 

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