My Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney looks a shade over 12. Should I be concerned?

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No.  More than likely, his youthful appearance is due to his passionate representation of his clients and a strong belief in what he does. Have you ever seen someone who’s spent 20 years at a job he didn’t like? It shows. Such people have bad posture and frown lines.  They also swear a lot.

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Another reason your Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer may appear youthful is his service in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. The military requires that its members maintain a high level of physical fitness (yes, even the Air Force, contrary to what those in green or brown may believe). A fit attorney is a seemingly youthful attorney.  Augustus Gloop doesn’t get “Happy Veterans’ Day” emails.

So, if you arrive at your deposition and meet the attorney whom you’ve previously only known from his witty blog and timely telephone conferences, there’s no need for a “How old are you again?” greeting.  I’m as old as Mozart was when he died.  Doesn’t that put things in perspective?



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