Does my sprain or strain entitle me to workers’ compensation benefits?

You are entitled to workers comp for a sprained ankle and other sprains involving a ligament and muscle strains. There are many types of workplace injuries, here we discuss strains and sprains which, while similar in nature, are two very different conditions. They can occur independently of one another or concurrently and are a valid  … Read more

My workers’ compensation claim’s hearing was postponed. Is that normal?

It is normal for a workers’ comp hearing to be postponed. Unfortunately, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has a few Administrative Law Judges and many, many Georgia workers’ compensation claims to be heard at each calendar call. In my experience, at least 99% of “first set” hearings are postponed for at least 30  … Read more

What will the taxes be on my workers’ comp benefits or settlement?

Wondering what the taxes will be on your workers’ comp benefits? For most people the answer is none. Workers’ compensation payments are generally tax-free for the entire time that you receive them. Per IRS Publication 525, Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits in Georgia are not subject to income tax.  Neither are Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)  … Read more

Should I talk to a lawyer before taking an insurance adjuster’s settlement offer?

If you’ve been hurt at work and the insurance adjuster has offered you a workers comp settlement you should talk to a lawyer before accepting it. Why you should talk to an attorney The insurer has access to innumerable amounts of data on accidents similar to yours; it has lawyers and experienced adjusters; it can  … Read more

Can I receive workers’ comp benefits in Georgia for a mental injury?

Many people wonder if they can receive workers comp for mental health injuries. While usually on-the-job injuries are equated with physical injuries, psychological and/or psychiatric injuries can occur as well. Though it can be almost impossible to see them, their effects on a worker are every bit as valid and real. Under workers’ compensation laws,  … Read more

What should I do if I sustain an injury at my job in Georgia?

Wondering what to do if you get hurt at work? If you have never experienced an on-the-job injury before, you should be aware of what to do right away, so that you are able to protect your rights should something occur. Here’s a short (but important!) list of things Georgia employees should know: Take Notes  … Read more

I slipped and fell at my Georgia job. Am I eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

If you slip and fall at work and are injured you may have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. Slip, trip and fall injuries are among the various types of workers’ compensation injuries that can occur.  Is your fall work-related? Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, an injury is compensable if it occurs “by an  … Read more