Can I receive workers’ comp benefits in Georgia for a mental injury?

Many people wonder if they can receive workers comp for mental health injuries. While usually on-the-job injuries are equated with physical injuries, psychological and/or psychiatric injuries can occur as well. Though it can be almost impossible to see them, their effects on a worker are every bit as valid and real. Under workers’ compensation laws,  … Read more

What shoud I do if sustain an injury at my job in Georgia?

Wondering what to do if you get hurt at work? If you have never experienced an on-the-job injury before, you should be aware of what to do right away, so that you are able to protect your rights should something occur. Here’s a short (but important!) list of things Georgia employees should know: Take Notes  … Read more

I slipped and fell at my Georgia job. Am I eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

If you slip and fall at work and are injured you may have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. Slip, trip and fall injuries are among the various types of workers’ compensation injuries that can occur.  Is your fall work-related? Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, an injury is compensable if it occurs “by an  … Read more

2019 Legislative Changes to Workers’ Compensation Law in Georgia

In 2019, the Georgia Legislature passed and signed into law multiple major changes to workers’ compensation law in Georgia. Here’s what changed: 400-week cap lifted for long term medical devices The state revised O.C.G.A. § 34-9-200, lifting the 400-week cap for non-catastrophic claims on medical benefits for long term medical devices that typically require maintenance  … Read more

¿Puede el abogado de defensa de la compensación para trabajadores amenazarme con la deportación para forzar un arreglo de poca monta?

Imagine this scenario: Una empleada de un asilo para ancianos –vamos a llamarle Juana–se lastima, mientras trabaja, cuando se resbala y se cae en un punto mojado sin señalar en el piso. Juana reporta el incidente inmediatamente a su supervisor y, a continuación, presenta un reclamo para beneficios médicos, beneficios para discapacidad temporal y cualquier  … Read more