Will I get a 1099 for my workers’ compensation benefits from last year?

You will not get a 1099 for workers’ comp because workers’ compensation benefits are, in general, not taxable income in Georgia. Per IRS Publication 525, Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits in Georgia are not subject to income tax.  Neither are Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits and Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits. So, there will be  … Read more

Aggravated an old work injury in Georgia? You may still have a case!

Georgia workers’ comp law considers your old work injuries and their propensity to “flare up” or “aggravate” months, or even years, after an injury when an employee continues working.  Oftentimes when I’m consulting with injured workers in Atlanta, they will be concerned that the pain they’re feeling while working will not be a compensable workers’  … Read more

How much can I get in pain and suffering from my workers’ compensation claim in Georgia?

Unfortunately, you cannot get compensation from workers’ comp for pain and suffering if you are hurt at work in Georgia. Even though a work-related injury can cause you a lot of physical pain and emotional suffering, workers’ comp claims are different than other types of injury claims and what you can seek in compensation is  … Read more

If I’m on workers’ compensation disability in Georgia, am I required to see the panel doctor?

If you’re injured on the job in Georgia, your employer should direct you to a workers’ comp panel of physicians immediately after reporting a workplace injury and in accordance with the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. You must  pick from this list if it is valid. What is the workers’ comp panel of physicians? The panel of physicians contains six doctors  … Read more

Can I file a repetitive use injury under workers’ comp in GA?

Yes, Georgia’s workers’ comp laws provide for coverage of repetitive stress injuries. These types of injuries develop over time and, if left untreated, become painful and debilitating conditions that can inhibit your ability to carry out the activities of your daily life. In the early stages of a repetitive stress injury, many people don’t notice  … Read more

I burned myself at work. Can I get workers’ comp benefits in Georgia?

Here’s what you should know about workers’ compensation if you’ve suffered a burn injury at work. No matter how minor they are or may seem, burns are a very painful sort of injury, and many times take a long time to heal. Burn classifications Burns have different classifications to rate their severity: First-degree, second-degree, and  … Read more

How much does workers’ comp in Georgia pay for scarring?

Workers’ comp in Georgia generally does not offer compensation for scarring from work-related injuries.  The workplace accident that causes the scarring should be covered, but the actual scars themselves will not. Typically, scars fall under pain and suffering damages, which you’re not entitled to under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system.  What types of workplace accidents cause  … Read more

What happens when my workers’ compensation doctor says I’m at MMI (maximum medical improvement) in Georgia?

In Georgia, your workers’ compensation benefits will not be cut off when you hit MMI (maximum medical improvement). However, even though your workers’ comp medical and income benefits can continue in Georgia after MMI, that might be the point at which settlement of your workers’ comp claim might be possible or advisable. What is MMI?  … Read more

What if my physical injury at work is causing anxiety and depression?

Workers’ comp may cover depression after a physical workplace injury. Suffering a physical injury at work can be life-changing and can sometimes be accompanied by depression or anxiety. You may find yourself losing interest in activities you used to enjoy or sleeping twice as many hours as you used to need to feel rested. You  … Read more