I’m an undocumented worker without a social security number. Can I get workers’ comp in Georgia?

No matter the term you use, illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, undocumented immigrants or undocumented workers, Georgia courts have ruled that undocumented workers are entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Why does workers comp cover undocumented workers? Workers’ compensation coverage comes via a contract with an insurance provider that includes employees of a qualifying employer. If that  … Read more

How should I respond to questions about past injuries and claims in my workers’ comp deposition?

If you file a workers’ compensation hearing request in Georgia, you will almost certainly have your workers’ comp deposition taken by the insurance defense attorney. You may be a bit nervous about sitting in a conference room with a couple of lawyers and a court reporter, but in general, it’s not an event to dread.  … Read more

Why should I hire a workers’ comp attorney if my claim is accepted?

There are many reasons you should hire a workers’ comp attorney even if your claim is accepted. Workers’ compensation is designed to provide wage loss benefits and to cover medical costs for workers who have been injured in the workplace. But just because the workers’ compensation system is in place to help injured workers, don’t  … Read more

How much disability can I get for my Atlanta workers’ compensation claim?

Workers’ comp pay in Georgia is usually two-thirds of your average weekly salary, depending  on how much you make and when your accident occurred. However, there are caps on the pay. You will only receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage if the payment is not more than $675.00 per week. Being on workers’ comp  … Read more

The workers’ compensation adjuster just sent me a check for a disability rating. Does this mean my case is settled?

If you are paid a workers’ comp check for a disability rating, it does not mean your case is settled. When you receive workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia and/or you are being treated by a workers’ compensation doctor after a workplace injury, eventually you may reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). Once you reach MMI, your  … Read more

The VA gave me a 90% disability rating. Should I pursue 100%?

Veterans should pursue a 100% VA disability rating when they have a strong case and service connection. The VA assigns veterans a disability rating based on the severity of their service-connected condition. The rating is expressed as a percentage, representing how much the disability decreases the veteran’s health and ability to function. VA monthly disability  … Read more

Can You Lose Your VA Disability Benefits?

Wondering if you can lose your VA disability benefits? Generally speaking, disability benefits are available to disabled veterans as long as the veteran remains disabled. However, there are a few situations in which the VA may stop, or reduce, a veteran’s disability benefits. Veterans should be aware of whether the VA is properly withholding or  … Read more

What are VA Disability Benefits?

VA disability benefits are a monthly tax-free payment to veterans. They are paid to veterans who are determined by the VA to be disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service. Veterans disability benefits are available for physical conditions, like a chronic illness or injury, and mental health  … Read more

Most Common VA Disabilities

Veterans often experience certain medical conditions as a result of military service that can cause permanent physical or mental health conditions. Many of these conditions qualify for VA disability pay under Veteran Benefits law. VA disability compensation offers a monthly tax-free payment to veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military. Veterans  … Read more

What is VA Disability Back Pay?

VA disability back pay is the money owed to a veteran from the effective date of their claim to the date they were granted benefits.  The VA uses the term retroactive benefits for back pay. It is a lump sum payment for benefits covering the period from the effective date of the claim until the  … Read more