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$515,000 – learn more!

For a neck injury after a car salesman’s motor vehicle accident


Michael Moebes: I worked with a client who was a car salesman, and he actually ended up being in a crash as he was giving a test drive to a potential customer. Here in Atlanta, car wrecks are a pretty common occurrence, but for it to happen while you’re giving a test drive is probably one of the most unpleasant experiences you can have as a salesman!

recent case

$300,000 – learn more!

+ 6 months of open medical care for a severe knee injury


Michael Moebes: I had a client who was a middle-aged lady. She hurt her knee badly, because she worked for a tax collecting entity up in one of the northern suburb counties, and we had some bad snow and ice. This was a couple winters ago and most of Atlanta shut down (as happens all over the South when there’s snow and ice, because we don’t have the equipment to clear the roads).

  • $1,000,000in a personal injury case for a slip and fall back injury at a jewelry store
  • $600,000for severe burn injuries for a hotel maid hit by a taxi
  • $410,000for a back injury + RSD after a restaurant manager’s slip and fall
  • $300,000for a truck driver who slipped on ice and hurt his low back
  • $300,000for foot and back injuries after a dump truck driver’s MVA
  • $260,000for a technician’s back and neck injuries after a trip and fall
  • $200,000for a hip injury following a slip and fall accident
  • $200,000for a press operator’s multiple upper extremity injuries
  • $192,000for an over-the-road truck driver’s injuries when a wind gust blew his cab over
  • $175,000for a lower extremity injury / CRPS by a health care worker
  • $175,000for a lower extremity burn injury by a cook
  • $167,500 for a neck injury after a fight at work
  • $155,000for a construction worker’s back and leg injury after a pallet jack collision
  • $150,000for a veterinarian technician’s CRPS after a cat bite
  • $140,000for a severe back injury for a truck driver
  • $140,000for back and neck injuries for a factory worker with lifting injuries
  • $130,000for a shoulder + neck injuries by a truck driver
  • $130,000for a land surveyor’s back injury after a lifting injury
  • $125,000for a truck diver helper with multiple back injuries
  • $125,000for a warehouse worker’s back injury after heavy lifting
  • $120,000for a back injury after a security guard apprehended an abusive patient
  • $118,000for a warehouse worker who had a pallet skid injure his leg
  • $115,000for a flight attendant’s back injury after an in-air fall
  • $115,000for a back injury from lifting boxes by a discount store manager
  • $110,000for an electrician after a fall from a ladder
  • $105,000for a knee injury after a retail manager’s fall from a ladder
  • $100,000for bilateral wrist and hand injuries from repetitive use
  • $100,000for a welder’s severe shoulder injury (+ $15,000 for medicals)
  • $100,000for a truck driver’s back injury after being rear-ended in a MVA
  • $100,000for a truck driver’s back injury after a motor vehicle accident
  • $100,000for a low back injury with herniated disc
  • $100,000for a repair man who injured his neck and shoulder
  • $97,500when a motor chain break caused the loss of 2 fingers
  • $150,000for a back injury after a slip and fall resulting in 2 back surgeries (also covered by workers’ comp)