Atlanta workers’ compensation clients often ask, “How can I tell if my injury is work-related?”

Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, an injury is compensable if it occurs “by an accident that arises out of and in the course of” employment.  What does that mean?
An accident arises out of employment when there’s a causal connection between work circumstances and the injury.  Ask yourself, “Did my work duties cause me to get hurt?  Would I have injured myself if I were not performing work-related tasks?” when examining whether your injury is work-related or not.

915719_construction_workers_on_a_roof.jpgAn accident arises in the course of employment when the time, place, and circumstances of the injury are related to employment.  Ask yourself, “Was I in a place that was work-related when I hurt myself?  Would I have hurt myself at this time and place if I didn’t have my job?” when examining whether your injury is work-related or not.

While these definitions may seem fairly simple, unique circumstances can make them complicated.  Discuss your accident with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta to find out whether your accident’s circumstances are such that your injury is compensable.

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