Alejandra Wheatley

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Alejandra Wheatley was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Though Spanish is her native language, she is also fluent in English. In 2014 she took a year to study abroad and went to Seattle, Washington were she took some college classes and made friends for life.

In 2015, she went back to Colombia to finish her legal studies and participated in two versions or “Congreso Internacional de Derecho Penal y Penitenciario”, in 2017 and 2019 as an exponent with two presentations about Mental health and its importance in the criminal process. She was also a member of study groups dedicated to Human Rights.

She graduated from Universidad de Antioquia with a law degree, where she worked as a consultant for the legal community clinic.  Afterward, she returned to the States–moving to Georgia—and went through the K1 visa process. She remains near Atlanta.  

Alejandra enjoys spending time riding motorcycles with her husband and hopes to one day become a practicing attorney in the United States.