Georgia appellate court decides patient/plaintiffs do not have to allow defense counsel ex parte meetings with doctors, but what about GA workers’ comp claimants?

In July of 2008, Francine Ehrlich began residing at a Georgia nursing home owned by the Emeritus Corporation. She needed help with her daily routine because she was suffering from Alzheimer’s and mild dementia. At the time she took up residence in the nursing home, Mrs. Ehrlich was mobile with the assistance of a walker  … Read more

Is medical malpractice in Georgia going to mimic our workers’ compensation system?

In an effort to rein in medical costs and reduce medical malpractice premiums, Georgia physicians are weighing the merits of sweeping medical malpractice reform in our state.  Some are advocating for a plan modeled after the workers’ compensation system. “The medical malpractice system is incredibly inefficient and the money actually goes to others in the  … Read more

Wal-Mart settles workers’ comp lawsuit with over 13K injured employees

Mega-retailer Wal-Mart has long been accused of unfair practices with regard to its workers, but recently some Wal-Mart employees in Colorado won a little bit of ground with regard to workers’ compensation claims. In 2009, some 13,500 employees of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. brought a class-action suit against the company and two other defendants, alleging that  … Read more

Judge orders former Atlanta Falcons players to seek Georgia workers’ comp benefits

Back in March of this year, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL brought suit against several former football players in a move to block them from filing for workers’ compensation benefits in the state of California. A twenty-page ruling in that case this week found against the players, and mandates that they must seek compensation here in  … Read more

Emerging laws protect the internet privacy of employees and students

Way back in 1970, futurist and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke effectively predicted the Internet, describing it as a synchronous system of satellites. In 1995 that prediction came true for the layperson when restrictions on Internet use to carry commercial traffic were lifted. The Internet as we know it is no longer in its infancy,  … Read more

Can I receive workers’ comp benefits in Georgia for a mental injury?

In the ongoing series where I discuss injuries that may or may not be covered by workers’ compensation benefits, so far I’ve discussed burn injuries and slip and fall injuries. Among the injuries listed on our firm’s website are psychiatric and psychological injuries, and I’ll address those today. Most people equate on the job injuries with the physical, but  … Read more

Italian Supreme Court rules brain tumor + work-related cellphone usage = a valid workers’ compensation claim!

We’ve all heard the speculation about the potential harm common modern conveniences like cell phones and laptops can do to our bodies, but a landmark case in Italy may be a game-changer legally. Italian businessman Innocenzo Marcolini is the director of a company who reportedly used a mobile phone for at least five to six hours a  … Read more

N.Y. court finds rape victim’s settlement subject to subrogation

Last week a New York appellate court ruled that a civil settlement received by a New York rape victim can be subrogated by the workers’ compensation insurer covering her injuries. Subrogation is the practice of substituting one party for another where a claim or right is concerned. As a result of this decision, the victim’s insurer can  … Read more