Injured worker likely eligible for dual compensation for catastrophic injuries

On the eighth of last November, railroad maintenance worker Jose Salazar was just beginning the task of repairing and replacing a section of track that had been displaced in an earlier derailment when he was struck by a piece of rail being moved by co-workers. Salazar, aged 52, suffered a skull fracture, a broken back,  … Read more

Firefighter wins workers’ comp benefits in appeals decision that rocks state

We therefore conclude that the 104-week limitation on temporary total disability benefits violates Florida’s constitutional guarantee that justice will be administered without denial or delay. Those are the words of Florida’s First District Court of Appeals, penned by Judge Brad Thomas in response to an injured firefighter’s appeal regarding his workers’ compensation benefits. In 2009,  … Read more

As 10th Anniversary of deadly fire looms, nightclub owners still owe workers’ comp fine

Ten years ago, excited music fans set out to see a show featuring the band Great White at the Station nightclub in Warwick, Rhode Island. In a horrific turn of events, the club became an inferno where one-hundred people –including a band member and four club employees– lost their lives. In the aftermath of the  … Read more

Does my sprain or strain entitle me to workers’ compensation benefits?

Last year I started a series of posts covering the types of injuries we handle at Moebes Law.  Today we’ll discuss strains and sprains which, while similar in nature, are two very different conditions. They can occur independently of one another or concurrently and are a valid workplace complaint. A sprain is an injury involving a ligament. Ligaments are the  … Read more

Public sex act exposes California woman’s miraculously healed workplace injury

While the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims are not fraudulent (in a combined ten years of practicing on both the defense and plaintiffs’ side, I’ve seen exactly zero), some unfortunately are. Of those that are, some are more ridiculous than others or are caught in fairly comical ways. While there are all sorts of ways to be caught out  … Read more

How workers’ compensation insurers manipulate data to raise premiums!

In New York state, there is a discussion going on regarding workers’ compensation and the high cost of doing business in New York. This is a result of a request by insurance carriers to increase workers’ compensation rates earlier this year. It was estimated that the proposed increase would cost $500 million to New York employers. Does  … Read more

2012’s list of workers’ compensation cheats released, and it adds up to nearly $100 million

It’s that time again! Every year Leonard Jernigan compiles a list of the top ten most egregious cases of Employer and Insurer workers’ compensation fraud that occurred over the previous calendar year. Despite what you might have been told, the most costly fraud is not committed by workers, but by employers trying to shave some dollars and  … Read more

In the wake of school shooting, Connecticut legislator seeks to expand workers’ comp benefits for first responders

Last month, a horrific scene met first responders at an elementary school in a sleepy Connecticut town. In the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, there is plenty of talk about legislation pertaining to mental health and gun control. Lawmakers in Connecticut, however, are adding another layer to the discussion: They want to  … Read more

Silent Night

On Christmas in 2007, I was at Balad Air Base in Iraq. I was the Officer in Charge of the Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Team there, which means I was in charge of a bunch of doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and medical administrative personnel who carried wounded warriors on cargo planes in and out of Balad Air  … Read more