Where can I look for free legal advice or lawyer reviews?

As a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta, I frequently get calls with questions about how to handle a workers’ compensation case or other case involving an injury in Georgia.  While I’m glad to try and respond to these inquiries either by phone or email, another useful tool for general legal advice that I recommend to  … Read more

Let’s not cash a dead person’s workers’ comp checks, ok?

A lady in Macon named Barbara was getting workers’ compensation indemnity benefits and died.  Not wanting to see these checks go to waste, her daughter, April, decided to start cashing the future checks and keeping the money for herself.  This was a bad idea. What April should have done was notify the workers’ comp insurance  … Read more

Six years of assisting injured workers in Georgia!

Six years ago today–April 6, 2009–was my first day as an Atlanta workers’ compensation claimants’ attorney (after five years of workers’ comp defense work).  I began with a new Macbook and a scanner in a small office in Piedmont Center.  Now, we have multiple “Mac mini” servers, four paralegals, multiple offices in downtown Atlanta, and  … Read more

Will the workers’ compensation insurer send me a 1099 or W-2?

Every year about this time, I get questions similar to the above one about whether or not the workers’ compensation insurer will send a claimant tax forms accounting for the weekly TTD (temporary total disability) checks or settlement funds from the previous year.  I’m not a CPA or a tax attorney, but since workers’ comp  … Read more

Can I file a repetitive use injury under workers’ comp in GA?

Yes, Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws provide for coverage of such injuries.  We frequently see carpal tunnel injuries from repetitive motion at work, but there are other injuries that can result from this activity, too (we’ve seen it several times with shoulders and knees, for example).  For such cases, workers comp attorneys usually use the last  … Read more

2014’s top instances of workers’ comp fraud (and a Georgian made it!)

Every year, I enjoy seeing the fruits of North Carolina lawyer Leonard Jernigan, Jr.’s research regarding workers’ comp fraud in the U.S., especially since most people thing this type of thing is perpetuated by claimants, when year after year, billions of dollars of fraud are actually committed by the employers who gripe about injured workers’  … Read more