Do workers stand to lose if employers are allowed to opt out of workers’ comp?

Workers’ compensation reform hasn’t just been a hot button issue here in Georgia. Other states are wrestling with change in their state systems, as well. One of the most current examples of this is the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Senate approved a bill last week that would allow companies to self-insure or have alternative coverage in  … Read more

Could injuring myself while fornicating on a business trip mean I get workers’ comp benefits?

Successfully proving that an injury during an after-hours tryst on a business trip arose out of and in the course of your employment (provided your vocation is one that is legal) is unlikely under Georgia workers’ compensation law.  But Australia is quite different in this regard.  And because I want my readers to be sophisticated in  … Read more

I live in Georgia and got in a car wreck. How do I get the other guy’s insurance to pay for my car?

Lots of folks don’t know how to proceed after they’ve been in an auto accident. Insurance companies for the other party can be intimidating, and the paperwork involved may overwhelm someone who has never had any experience with a car wreck.  One of people’s biggest worries is how to go about getting their car fixed after  … Read more

More about criminal law in Georgia

Okay, in an earlier post I was discussing the differences and similarities between types of law. I briefly outlined civil case procedure and was highlighting the basics of criminal cases. We left off at burden of proof, wherein a Plaintiff is responsible for proving a Defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt through the introduction of evidence into  … Read more

“The Compulator” app is now available for Android phones

Atlanta injury attorney Michael Moebes has released the well-received Compulator app for Google Android phones this week. Previously, the litigation tool was only available for iPhones and iPads. You can download the ‘Droid version of the Compulator app here. Features include a date calculator that figures the number of weeks between dates; this assists in totaling past due workers’  … Read more

Moebes recognized by Avvo as top Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer is a website that provides a forum for laypersons to ask questions that qualified  attorneys can answer.  The site also has a rating system based on factors such as experience, expertise, speaking and writing engagements, peer reviews, client reviews, etc.  The highest rating an attorney can receive is a 10.0, and this rating has been  … Read more

What are the differences between Georgia Injury Law, Criminal Law, and Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law?

The law is intimidating and confusing to most normal people (but not me, because I’m exceedingly brilliant). Because I am mostly an awesome guy, I like to help others. Because I love the law, I want you fine people to be as familiar with and comfortable with it as possible. That’s a big part of  … Read more