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At Moebes Law, we hold ourselves to a high standard of assurance that our clients are receiving above and beyond standard representation in their construction accident cases. We have worked with Roswell area clients for many years, putting their needs first and achieving great results.

Construction accident cases are often the result of another’s failure to act with reasonable care. The legal professionals of Moebes Law are here to provide Roswell area clients with proper compensation for their injuries. After representing clients in the Roswell area for many years, we know that legal representation is about more than the law; it is about justice. 

At Moebes Law, our clients are not just another faceless case file. We greatly care about individuals in the Roswell area. If you have experienced an accident or been injured due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensation through your construction accident case. We provide the legal guidance and help that you depend on in the Roswell area so your construction accident case can go accordingly. 

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We understand the difficulty of dealing with the construction accident legal process while having to deal with the effects of it as well. Call us today at (404) 354-5432 and we will help you get the right compensation to pay of your Roswell hospital bills. 

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