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At Moebes Law, we proudly stand behind our Marietta area clients, applying our knowledge and power to fight for their rights. We know auto accident cases can seem unmanageable, but Moebes Law will put our many years of experience to work for your case. 

At Moebes Law, we hold ourselves to a high standard of assurance that our clients are receiving above and beyond standard representation in their auto accident cases. We have worked with Marietta area clients for many years, putting their needs first and achieving great results.

Dealing with a complicated auto accident matter is an extremely stressful time in anyone's life. At Moebes Law, we know it scary it can be. The effects of a recent auto accident can last a lifetime. With all the worry of returning to normal life, with your health, your car, and your work, the thought of making sure you are properly compensated for your losses can be easily overlooked. At Moebes Law, it is our job to take care of the legalities related to your auto accident matters and ensure you are not taken advantage of. The professionals of Moebes Law want to get you just compensation for your auto accident now.


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At Moebes Law we believe that anyone who is a victim of any auto accident action should get the highest level of personal service and professional representation possible. We do not just represent you as a law firm; we act as your advocates as we fight for your legal rights in any auto accident case within the Marietta area. At Moebes Law we understand you need time to recover from your auto accident ordeal moreover an opportunity to regain some sense of normalcy. Call us today at (404) 354-5432 or visit our offices at 260 Peachtree St NE.


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